Keeping The Apartment Clean Is Not A Challenge Anymore

Keeping The Apartment Clean Is Not A Challenge Anymore

The biggest challenge that the residents of small or one bedroom apartments face is to keep them clean. It is very hard to maintain the cleanliness with limited storage. Everything seems to come on the face. It is easy to spot dust and dirt in a small place. But following tips will help renters in keeping their Birmingham apartments clean.

First of all, begin with de-cluttering. To maintain cleanliness, it is important to limit the stuff. Throw or donate all those things which are used once in a blue moon. Apartment with less stuff appears to be open and, of course, less stuff means less to clean.

Allocate a specific place for each thing in the apartment. If there is no space for something, then discard it. An apartment cannot be kept clean until everything has its home. To maintain the cleanliness of the apartment, take a round of the apartment and check if everything is in its place, if not put it there. In this way, there would be no hustle to clean the apartment in the morning.

Dirty dishes cannot be left in the sink or counter of your one bedroom apartments Birmingham Al all the time. So, it is better to clean the kitchen first before cooking as this provides more space for cooking. Do the dishes while cooking. The kitchen should be clean by the time you finish cooking. Hence, only plates and glasses would be left which you will be using to serve the meal. You can easily deal with them once you are free.

To keep the rentals in Birmingham clean, limit them to small furniture items. They will be easy to clean. Furthermore, be careful about the design and color of the furniture while buying. It is very difficult to clean the carved furniture. Dust can be easily spotted on some colors like black; so avoid them.

Specify a cleaning time. Five minutes are more than enough to maintain the cleanliness of Birmingham AL apartments that are small in size. Furthermore, incorporate cleanliness in your daily habits like during the commercial break while watching your favorite show, you can straighten the kitchen. Check your mailbox when you enter the house and discard it accordingly. Keep the shoes, bag and coats in their respective places when you take them off.

Allocate one day of the week to washing only and do all the cleaning chores on that day. On this day you must vacuum the carpets, sweep and mop the floor, clean the shelves and counters, change the bed sheets and wash the bathroom. Through this basic exercise, the apartment can be kept clean throughout rest of the week. Remember to do a deep cleaning on alternate months which would include scrubbing of walls, shelves, and the floor. Clean behind and under the furniture. Clean the closet and scan all items and discard them accordingly to keep everything clean.